TIP: How to Add that Thread or Cording to a Card Front

I don’t know about you, but I found it very intimidating to add a ‘casual wad of metallic thread or cording’ as a layer to a card until I worked out this solution for myself.

I place a few Dimensionals (not a gooey as Multipurpose Liquid Glue) to the back of the layer that would be over the cording.

Here are a few examples:

cording on card front

adding cording to card front


And this is what I now do:

I place several Stampin’ Dimensionals on the back of my banner or image.  Then I either wrap some cording around my hand, keeping it loose and sort of stretched out–like about 3″ in diameter if it was a circle.  Squish (these are all technical terms) it together in the middle and lay it firmly on top of the exposed Dimensionals.  Turn the piece over, face up, and see how it looks and then tweak some loops to get the look or balance (or lack of balance) you want.

When you’re ready to attach this layer to your card or box or whatever, securely place a few more Dimensionals on the back, over the cording and attach it to the card.  Be sure your Dimensionals are all on one “level”.

If you use another method I’d love to know what it is.  This isn’t really an easy task but I love the finished look so keep working at it.  I’m open to all the help I and we can get!

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