October’s Card Buffet Cards Have Been Posted

Well…….at least 6 of them have been posted!  The rest will be posted later today.  Time is being brutal to me these last few days.

Click on the Buffet link on the right sidebar.  I’m also working on making it a bit more visible but that will take a day or two of trial and error to accomplish!

Also, if there’s an extra large, yet cute, snowman card at the very top of the page, please just ignore it.  It doesn’t show in the html code of the page but it does show in my preview.  Crazy.  Just drop down to the words and then the photos of the posted cards.

And now I’m off to finish the remaining two cards!  Which one, so far, is your favorite?  Leave a comment by clicking that tiny little grey emoticon box to the right of the day’s blog title. (It often has a zero in the middle of the box!  Hee hee.)





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