Despite my best intentions, once again it proved impossible for me to post during Stampin’ Up!’s annual convention.  Today’s post will be an overview.

We did get to view the upcoming Holiday Catalog.  Yes, you’re going to love it!  There was a reunion with my roommates, one from New York, the other from Indiana.  And of course there was the 11 hour drive to and from Salt Lake City.  Check my FB page for some photos of the dust and rain storm we encountered somewhere west of Lovelock NV on our return trip!

New creative ideas were amazing and I can’t wait to get HOME and UNPACKED to share some.  Not being home yet, I feel quite like a bouncing ball, just not at all grounded.


Welcoming Convention Banner
Each hotel had a large poster welcoming attendees
Little America Room 312
Our hotel room at Little America, shared by 4 roomies.
Roomies - 5th year together
Here we are, in front of Little America: Left > right: Sue (Indiana), Janet (Santa Rose CA), Katie (upstate NY), moi, Mi Wuk Village CA
Roommate gifts placed on our roomies' bed
Roomie gifts from Janet and Blythe for Sue and Katie.
6x10 easel gift from Janet
Chalk board on one side, white board on the other. Plus chalk and dry erase markers in the double french fry die pouch.  This was our roommate gift from Janet.  Awesome!  It’ll be used for sure.

I’ll show you the other gifts either later today or tomorrow.  I’m loading up my car to head to location #2 before heading home to Mi Wuk Village, my sweetie and our kitties.  I’m sure they’ve missed me!!!


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