And here are some maybe less known events that happen in December:

Not only is December National Bingo Month and Human Rights Months.  It’s also Send a Friend a Card Month.  We can certainly do that!!

Week One:  Cookie Cutter Week, National Handwashing Awareness Week

Week Two:  Human Rights Week

Week Three:  Halcyon Days*

Week Four:  It’s About Time Week



1st:  Eat a Red Apple Day  (I prefer Honey Crisps)

3rd:  International Day of Disabled Persons

4th:  Santa’s List Day (are you on the ‘nice’ list?)

        Phonograph invented in 1877!

6th:  St. Nicholas Day

7th:  National Cotton Candy Day AND Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

10th:  Dewey Decimal System Day

12th:  Poinsettia Day

14th:  Monkey Day

16th:  National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

20th:  Go Caroling Day

21st:  Winter Solstice AND Humbug Day

22nd:  National Haiku Poetry Day

25th:  Christmas Day

26th:  Boxing Day

27th:  National Fruitcake Day

28th:  Pledge of Allegiance Day

31st:  New Year’s Eve

*Halcyon Days are always the 7 days before and the 7 days after the Winter Solstice.  I didn’t know that!

Now let’s make it a great December.


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