Yes, today I’m beginning my grand adventure, heading to Brussels, Belgium for Stampin’ Up!’s first ever On Stage Event in Europe.  I left home on the 4th, taking off from San Francisco on the 5th and landing in Paris on the 6th.

ON STAGE, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 12-14, 2015
ON STAGE, Brussels, Belgium, November 12-14, 2015

The will be no more annual conventions in Salt Lake City.  Henceforth, Stampin’ Up!’s On Stage Events will rotate every six months (April and November) between Europe, the South Pacific and North America.

I decided to go for it and attend this event because (1) my husband worked for United Air Lines and I can fly for a very reduced rate.  Stand-by.  And (2) I have very special friends in Paris/Rouen France and Kiel (Altenholz) Germany whom I will visit before and after On Stage.

My absence from my blog this past 5-6 days has been due to making gifts (and mailing them) for my host families as well as swap items for other On Stage attendees, most of whom will be from the UK, France, Germany, Austria, and the Benelux countries.  I’ve also been packing: one carry-on, one back pack, one purse (small) and organizing things around my home.  Hubby will be home with our kitties.  (Sh-h-h-h-h.  I’m making him a goodie bag with a special dated item for each day that I’m gone: cards, kippers, special potato chips, love notes and more).

I’ll share my first swap item tomorrow.

Once I arrive in Paris I’ll be visiting a friend (hi Chau) who lives near the Eiffel Tower (oh darn!).  Then Saturday morning I’ll take my first train ride (of several) to Rouen where Hervé and his family will pick me up for the short drive to Houppeville.  I haven’t seen them for nearly 20 years, they now have children and I’m so looking forward to our 3 days together.  His sister, Isabelle, was our exchange student at our home in the late 80s, and I look forward to seeing her and her children as well.  Then on the 11th Hervé and family will drive me to Brussels and my hotel.  How sweet is that?!  I’ll be posting little bits on my FaceBook page so be sure to check it out.  LIKE my page while you’re at it!

Back to work now.  I’m still doing those last minute preps before leaving home—although as I said, now I’m in the air as you read this!


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