Happy Birthday America

Charles Wysocki American Uncle Sam
Charles Wysocki Americana Uncle Sam


As I was going through the overabundance of rubber stamps that I’ve had in boxes pretty much since I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator in 1996 I came upon this charming Charles Wysocki Uncle Sam.  I’ve been trying to cull stamps to sell in my Cyber Stamp Sale but this guy was rescued again.  He’s the perfect gentleman to represent my American Pride.  And he’ll remain in my small and special collection of ‘other company’s stamps’.

I’m not sure if I did this last year, but I’m going to share the song that I think brings to mind the America we all remember, sung by the woman who is synonymous with America, Kate Smith.




This patriotic song was written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and then revised by him in 1938. Thank you for bearing with me.  I can never get enough of it and I stop in my tracks whenever I hear it.

Happy Birthday America!




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