Glitter for Everyone!

Russ and I left for a Route 66 road trip yesterday (the 11th of August) not anticipating a dose of glitter on our first day out.  Our second stop was in Bridgeport CA (Hwy 395) for lunch.  (First stop was picking up a pair of hitchhikers at Kennedy Meadows… can find more about that on my Facebook home page.) Another couple came into this small hole-in-the-wall place for a sandwich and when the man turned around, this is what I saw.  I had to ask him for a photo.

men's glitter
The are many types of GLITTER!


I have no idea who “he” is but he sure enjoyed my photo request and giggles.  Russ didn’t think it was nearly as funny/awesome as I did.  I guess you just have to be a crafter to appreciate glitter!  Would YOU have smiled or laughed if you saw this tee shirt?




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