February Buffet Cards

PS 12 noon, CA time.  I wrote the bits below while in my ophthalmologist’s office for my annual exam.  Now I’m home and vision is about 90% for the moment.  The post below was a first for me via my iPhone!  And my February Buffet cards are now where they belong:  “behind” the green box near the top right of my blog home page.  Click the box and you’ll see all eight of them–in 1-2-3 order.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m away from home and was just informed that my February Buffet cards aren’t ‘up’. Hmmm. I put them somewhere.

When I get home I’ll find them and see that they’re where they belong. I’m so disappointed and sorry.  The photo below is the group of  cards.  They are not in a 1-2-3 order  but they’ll give you a peek at what we’ll be doing.

February Buffet cards

Registration closes tomorrow, the 25th.  Do you ever get the feeling that this is not your (my) month!?

I’ll get the individual cards where they belong is a few hours.  Thank you for your patience.

PS  I have a gift for all attendees this month.  You’ll like it.  😜🎁






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