Blythe’s April Card Buffet Cards Have Been PostedI

Blythe's April Card Buffet Cards Have Been PostedI


Late into the evening last night I finally got our April Card Buffet cards posted.  As always, for this over-busy person, it was an all day effort.


Blythe's April Card Buffet Cards Have Been PostedI


You can check out each card by clicking on the Card Buffet button in the sidecbar or by clicking here.  I’ve used current products, products that will soon be retired and even one little sneak peak of an image from the upcoming 2018-2019 Annual Catalog.

In person registration closes on April 21st.  Select a total of eight cards, any combination you wish, and then email me with your choices.  There are PayPal buttons at the bottom of the Buffet page for payment.  I require prepayment because (1) it’s good business practice 🙂 and (2) because I prepare a personalized packet of supplies and pre-cut card stock for YOU based on your card selections.

I look forward to seeing local stampers in person and long distance stampers via email or snail mail.

Question for you:  would you like to see a YouTube video that walks through the components and construction of each card?  Please leave your response in the comment section below.  The link for comments is that little gray box to the right of the article title.

Blythe’s April Card Buffet Cards have been posted so please go take a look, make your selections and sign up for in person attendance or PDF tutorials.




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