Barely Bananas

Do you remember that Stampin’ Up! color?  Barely Banana.  Soft soft yellow.

Today’s post has nothing to do with that color, only with bananas!

Starbuck's stack o' bananas

I stopped at a Starbucks somewhere between the San Francisco Bay area and my home in the mountains about 120 miles east on Monday to get a decaf latte and saw this awesome quite ripe stack of bananas.  There’s has to be a way to translate this to stamping was my first (weird) thought!  (I just remembered that the Starbucks was by Costco in Manteca for those of your who know the area.)


Starbuck's stack o' bananas

Barely Banana very retired color from Stampin' Up!

Screenshot 2016-04-28 08.28.54

Those are my thoughts on Barely Banana!

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