Is this MY Stampin’ Studio?

I’ve been working on/in my stampin’ studio since last Tuesday, prepping it for a total revamp.  Well, yesterday I saw a sight I never thought I’d see again:  a totally empty room.  Obviously there’s no stamping for me right now!

Blythe's My Country Loft Stampin' StudioThe carpet has been cleaned and it’s as good as it’s going to get.  Monday is paint day–that I’m purchasing this morning.  Would you believe this room (over the garage) used to house my son and any guests he brought with him when our home was our cabin.  There were twin beds in each dormer window, a dresser between the dormers and a hide-a-bed where the cabinets now are.

We removed the doors from my cabinets on Sunday so they (the doors) could be painted.  You can see how I store my stamps now.  And you can see the various colors of  paint we had left over from various projects over the years.  Fifteen years ago we thought that would be a fun way to paint the insides of the cabinets hubby and I had made.  I still think it’s fun.

Rubber stamp storage in My Country Loft stampin studio
I view my cabinets from right to left, I guess due to accessibility and proximity to my work area.  These are the ones that start behind the door.  Old catalogs are on the bottom shelf.
Rubber stamp storage in My Country Loft stampin studio
The other end of the cabinet wall.  Current stamps are on the right, left over Sale-a-Bration and Occasions catalog stamps that I’m just not ready to part with yet are to the left.  My clock is off of the wall and kleenex has no table to set on so they’re just hanging out in my word-stamps cupboard.

The entire deck is (unsafely) totally covered.  There are four areas:  donate, sell (Cyber Sale), dump and keep.  It’ll be interesting to see what makes it back into the room on Friday when I’m ready to put it back in.  I do hope to purge a lot more.

Rubber stamp storage in My Country Loft stampin studio
The tarps are to protect the ‘stuff’ from the sun now that the chances of rain are gone.
Rubber stamp storage in My Country Loft stampin studio
Cabinet doors, odds n ends storage cart and more!

Back tomorrow with some painting updates I hope!  No stamping.  I can find card stock, stamp pads, and stamps but my paper trimmer and Big Shot are buried as well as any type of adhesive!

I didn’t get my morning walk yesterday, but I think this is pretty telling (Fitbit) about how hard I worked going back and forth, in and out of my stamp room, shampooing the carpet, patching the holes (screw) in the walls and more.

Fitbit report for July 12, 2015

Have a great Monday.  Be sure to check out my Cyber Yard Sale.  If there’s anything you’re looking for, ask.  I might have it!  I still have a lot more to add………..just as soon as I get the chance.

I hope to have some more BIG progress to share tomorrow.

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