Oh my goodness.  I was at the paint store at 7.45 Monday morning. It’s a local “one-of” store that I really trust and I like to give them my business.  They closed at 3 p.m. on Saturday and I arrived at 3.30 p.m.  after picking up a real desk for my new stampin’ studioClosed Sunday.  I was home by 8.30 with my paint ready to hit the road running.

By 6 p.m. we (Russ helped) had the entire room painted and cabinet doors removed and prepped for final painting.  It took hours to do all the cutting in at the ceiling, corners, doorway and cabinet frames and baseboards.  Russ did most of that, I did the roller painting of the walls.  And then more of the cutting in.

Cutting in the areas where the roller won't fit or work
My new-to-me desk (Craig’s List) will hang out under the big window so I can gaze out into the forest.
Cutting in ceiling and outlining the 'create' décor
I hated to remove the décor elements words from my wall and fortunately I started at the end.  By the time I got to “create” I decided to leave both it and a patch of the old stamp room color.
Cabinet doors in driveway being prepped
Russ took the cabinet doors to the driveway (through screen) to prep them for painting on Tuesday.

painting done-almost

About face………

big window wall - painting finished

Wednesday will be painting the window sills and skylights and door jam.  PLUS purchasing the wood and getting the table made.

Thursday, priming and painting the new craft table and starting to put all the ‘stuff’ back into the room.  Lots of the ‘stuff’ will not be returning to the room which was the whole point of this escapade.

Thanks for following this great adventure today.  So far it’s been 7 ‘heavy labor’ days.  Lots of squatting and reaching today for exercise.  My body is grumbling a bit.  But it is so exhilarating!!!  And the awesome end is coming soon.  The deck looks the same.  Only a pathway from the house to the garage.

Yes, I’ll be back with stamping as soon as I have ‘stuff’ to stamp with and a table to stamp on.  Soon………

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