My Stamping Space

I consider myself quite lucky in that I have a dedicated (and “stolen”) bedroom that is dedicated to my stamping business.  Today isn’t a day to show the whole room but I was inspired to do this little bit of sharing by pulling an item from the most important ‘tool’ on my desk: a Stampin’ Up! coffee mug!

My tool 'box'


My most often used tools find their way into this cup.  It’s not elegant but it is definitely most efficient.  It sits either next to or, most often, behind my laptop, totally within easy reach.  I can see by looking at it that I probably don’t need 3 pencils.  But…usually one is here or there on my desk and I just reach out for a second.  Or third.  Ahem.  Actually there are several things in there that I hardly ever used, like that green tipped ‘pencil’.  He’s going to be moved.  That cup space is too valuable.


The left side of my workspace/desk!


This little area in the lower right corner is my workspace!  After each project/card I stop.  Stand.  Clean up.  And then I start all over again.  My most adequate photo studio is in the upper left corner……the bottom shelf of four shelves.  And it’s carefully covered in a stretch of wallpaper.  Check it out in the photo above.  My card stock is stored below the photo studio, along the outside wall.  The dies belong on a shelf of a repurposed cabinet to the left of the card stock.  I put them away after taking the photo.

And now I’m ready for the next project–making 20 cards to swap with other stampers in early June.  I have time today so they shall be made today.  That way I won’t screech up to the deadline and make myself crazy!

Do you have your new catalog yet?  Stampin’ Up!’s 2021-22 Annual Catalog?  I’d be happy to send you one if you don’t have a demonstrator with whom you normally work/play.  Just send me an email with your mailing address.  (US only.  Sorry.)

Tomorrow I’m going to be sharing about KITS.  If you prefer to go minimalist with your stamping projects and supplies, these could be just the thing for you.

In the meantime, have a great day.



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