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Three of my grandchildren have been with me since last Friday.  Yesterday was the day they decided they wanted to come out to my craft room and ‘do some crafting’. 

6 year old Nora picked up some scraps and went right into making cards for her grandparents who live in Atlanta GA.

Nora's g-dad&g-D cards

Nora - back side

Nora-finished card

Nine year old Austin has a different method but………he came into my stamp room with no real idea of what he wanted to do.  He checked the available papers and then glanced through my stamp cupboards and found an old Crayon Christmas stamp set and he was on his way to make “9-year old boy” Christmas cards.  Four of them.  I’m only sharing two of them because you’ll get the idea! 

Austin's card 1

Austin's card 1 IN

Austin's card 2

Austin's card 2 IN

Deadline time for getting out the door in an hour.  It will TAKE an hour!!!  I have three more charming creations.  Really.


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