Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from 2017

Last year we cut down a tree on our property that was interfering with our clothes line.  The tree, that had stayed small for years until, I guess, it became a teenager and sprouted, had to finally be removed when he was about 15 feet tall.  We nicknamed it our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from 2017.

our Charlie Brown Christmas tree for 2017


Every year, from when he was only 3 feet tall, we festooned him with outdoor ornaments and lights.  So last year, we placed ‘Charlie’ in a place of  honor on our front deck with the same familiar ornaments and lights:

our Charlie Brown Christmas tree for 2017
2017 photo


our Charlie Brown Christmas tree for 2017


This year our children, Andrea and Jason and families, will be receiving a fun souvenir from Charlie:

Our Charlie Brown tree from 2017


The only bit of “stamping” on these ornaments is the retired Poppy Parade ribbon that was hot-glued to the top next to the hanger and the longer piece that will hang the ornament from their trees.  One gets mailed to Boise ID today and the other to San Jose CA.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from 2017


The Signs of Santa characters are just perfect for embellishing the padded envelopes.  Of course they were colored with a few Stampin’ Blends.

For coloring the Signs of Santa figures: 

Pink Pirouette Light Stampin' Blends Marker

Pink Pirouette Light Stampin’ Blends Marker


This year we have another “sapling” that will soon adorn our front deck.  This one is a cedar tree, also about 15 feet tall but much skinnier.  It too has grown too tall for its location and interferes with our clothesline.  Don’t worry about us cutting down all of our trees.  There are hundreds on our property, ranging from 4″-5″ to 150 feet or more.  Our backyard (beyond our property line) is the Stanislaus National Forest.  And now you know the story of our Charlie Brown Christmas tree from 2017.  Maybe we’ll call this year’s tree Lucy.  🙂

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