My life has been has erratic as my posts this past week–strep for my grandkids and daughter, none for me.  Instead I’ve been enjoying the cough from ‘you know where’ for about 10 days.  Toss in a lot of craziness and unpredictability and that’s why you haven’t heard from me for the past few days.  I’m home now and will be getting back to my normal schedule.

Sorry for bringing this up, but………it’s important.  If you are the parent(s) of a school (grammar/elementary) age kid where strep is rampant and your child presents him/herself with puffy eyes and brownish or blood tainted urine, it’s  not a spring allergy.  A trip to Prompt Care to the local ER and then an ambulance ride to Oakland’s Children Hospital also revealed dangerously high blood pressure and a diagnosis of PSNG.   Check out PSNG on your computer if any of this is familiar.  It matched my 10 year old grandson to a ‘t’.  Part of the residual craziness of this event was getting the mom’s/my daughter’s car from our local hospital’s parking lot to her home 120 miles away with only one driver.  And two other kids returned to their home.  And the van’s keys from my daughter who was then 140 miles away in Oakland (CA).  Hubby and UPS-overnight to the rescue—he (also suffering from “the cold”) drove the van to daughter’s home to join the family for a lovely Easter gathering yesterday.  Oh….and the battery was dead and another vehicle in the parking lot not allowing Russ to use his jumper cables until the vehicle moved!  He and I drove home to our little Sanctuary in Mi Wuk Village today—after we picked up his truck from the hospital parking lot.  Other than Austin’s PSNG, ya just gotta laugh at the 7 day ever developing and changing scenario.

Sanctuary, April 7, 2015
Yesterday it was sunny with blue skies and cumulus puffy white clouds!  My Stampin’ Studio is over the garage behind those dormer windows.

Tomorrow my monthly newsletter goes out.  And then I’ll be back to normal here on my blog.  If, by chance, you aren’t yet on my mailing list you won’t be getting that newsletter.  Hint.  Hint.

Have a great evening.  I need one more night to recover.  🙂


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