I’m So Sad to See this Great Greeting Set Retire: A Dozen Thoughts

A Dozen Thoughts, (131056-w; 131059-c)
#1 – This set is the one that holds the lovely “just because” stamp!  I do use several of the others but the “just because” is a ‘go to’ for classes and …….. well …….. those cards where ‘just because’ is the perfect greeting.  I love the font and it really stamps nicely.

#2 – I can’t believe it’s being retired, if only for that one greeting.

The wood mount set is available right now for $20.25 rather than the regular $27.  Clear mount is $19.

Here are some samples from recent months using the ‘just because’.  By the way, I do use some of the other stamps but not as often as the one I keep referring to:

Just Because #1, A Dozen Thoughts Stamp Set, 131056-w, 131059-c


Just Because #1, A Dozen Thoughts Stamp Set, 131056-w, 131059-c

You can select the wood (131056) or clear (131059) mount of this versatile A Dozen Thoughts stamp set by visiting my Stampin’ Up! store right here.   Just click SHOP NOW and the put the number for the style you want in the search box and click away.  Be sure to choose me as your demonstrator.  🙂  Why?  “Just because!”

And p.s., I’ll still offer the image in our classes.  🙂




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