Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all who fit in the large category.  And may you not lift a finger to do anything that isn’t your choice!  A mother can be any woman who nurtures another human being.  “She’s just like a mother to me.”  “She” can definitely be a mom, a special influence in a person’s life.

My favorite Mother’s (Day) photo:

Happy Mother's Day
This was actually a month before Mother’s Day a big few years ago, but it was Mother’s Day to me! Left to right in the bottom rows, daughters Andrea and Kathi and son Jason. The little ones are (with ball in hand) Austin, (next to me) Nora, both Andrea’s children.  And Zion is on daddy Jason’s lap.  Kathi’s six children were at their home in Texas.


As a reminder, click here to check out my girl’s Mother’s Day cards.  I shared them a few days ago.

My Mother’s Day will be spent stamping.  My choice.  I might even do some yard work (raking pine needles, a never ending task).  Thanks to my sweetie, Russ, for a lovely breakfast.  And to Andrea’s family in Boise, Idaho for these amazing rainbow roses.

happy mother's day


Happy Mother’s Day to all and thank you to my children for being so awesome.


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