We had friends staying at our home this past three-day weekend.  Unfortunately we had outside commitments for two of those days.  But all was not lost.  The friends skied for two days and mom and daughter got to stamp the last morning, Monday, Martin Luther King Holiday.  I love their cards which Sarah (mom) sent to me in a text:

Happy Home greeting cards
Happy Home (140500-w; 140503-c) greeting cards

Can you tell which was made by the 10 year old daughter, Reece?  It’s pretty hard.

I think this stamp set is just so gentle and beautiful.  It says a lot with so little effort.

Since I wasn’t here I can’t compile all of the details but, from what I see, these are the products they used.

Happy Home is one of my top five favorite stamp sets in the 2016 Occasions Catalog.  It could actually be close to the top.  I’ll have to compile a list of the other four but that’s for another day.  In the meantime, jot down your favorites and we can compare.  Your listed stamp sets might force me to move out of my comfort zone and use one of them (if I have it) that I don’t have on my list.  You’ll get more variety by sharing your favorite list with me and us!!!

What?  You don’t have a 2016 Occasions Catalog yet?  Send me an email (Blythe@StampingWithBlythe.com) and I’ll be glad to send you one!

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