Happy 30th Anniversary Year for Stampin’ Up!

This new year of 2018 begins the Happy 30th Anniversary Year for Stampin’ Up!

Happy 30th Anniversary year for Stampin Up

I’m pleased to say that I’ve been a part of Stampin’ Up! for nearly 22 years now, having become a demonstrator in April of 1996.  Who would have thought I’d still be here today?  Believe me, I’ve never had a second thought!  The creativity  just grows and grows, something new every time I turn around it seems.

This year my new favorites are barn doors (Barn Door stamp set, 145862-wood mount or 145865-clear mount) and Brusho (144101).  Both will be available starting tomorrow, January 3rd.  Barn doors are just plain cool and fun and Brusho?  It’s a surprise every time you use it.  Check them out in my Stampin’ Up! store here tomorrow.

It’s definitely going to be a busy, fun, creative year for me as well as for you I hope.  Let’s start it out with this wish for a happy 30th anniversary year for Stampin’ Up!  October will be the b-i-g month I’m thinking.





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