IF I WERE HOME, which I'm not, I would just love to play with this sketch from FreshlyMadeSketches.  In the meantime, why don't you, my alter egos, try this sketch and send me a photo of your finished card.  I'll post your card for all to enjoy.

I'm spending an unknown number of days with my son and family in San Jose CA.  They need my help while my son recovers from retinal detachment surgery.  He's limited to lying face down or, if sitting, keeping his head down, for seven days.  They have a 5 year old son (in a few weeks he'll be five) who requires attention and entertainment through the long days of at at-home-but-immobile-dad.   Hence:  Oma to the rescue.  Today it's bicycling to a little local park for play and picnic for as l-o-n-g as we can stretch the time.

You can check out a finished idea card here.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow with a card idea or two that I brought home from Leadership.  It's strange being away from home with no stampin' supplies.




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