Our weekend was not entirely focused around the White Chocolate Peppermint Martini.  We started out with a great 45 minute walk in my neighborhood:

Walking Shadows
This sun met us about 1/4 mile from my house. I love shadow photos. Who do you ‘see’ in the shadows?


Walking near 4-way stop intersection
This is the ONLY 4-way stop in Mi Wuk Village!

After a yummy warm breakfast we stamped until nearly midnight with breaks for lunch and dinner.  I have to share how my sweetie prepared the bacon for our BLTs:

bacon prep for lunch
If you weave your bacon like this it’s easy to pile on to your toast for the BLT. (bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich–plus peanut butter for me!)
Christy's tags and cards
Christy mass produces about 180 cards during the weekend. First she cuts everything. Then stamps on those pieces requiring stamping.
Christy's tags pile
Tags and ribbon pieces ready for assembly
Christy's cards/tags
During the ride home Sunday afternoon, Christy assembled her tags and ribbon.
All participants wearing their vests
When we assembled on the front deck for our annual photo, we realized everyone was wearing a vest…….the layer of the season!       L > R: Linda, Andrea, Jen-the-shorter, Blythe, Jen-the-taller, Christy.  (I forgot my sleeves apparently.)

Tomorrow, some of the other-than-Christmas-card creations from the weekend.   Thanks for stopping in today.

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