Ahhhh, The Dog Days of April

What you say?  I’m babysitting for my two large grand dogs while my daughter and family are in Disneyland to watch my grandson Austin march on Main Street with his Middle School Marching Band.  This is all I saw of him, via video, as he marched by:

Austin the French Horn Player
Main Street in Disneyland, April 1, 2016

It’s the real thing.  And, they sounded quite good when they started playing again.  It just tickles me to see him in the marching band.

That said…..I’m obviously away from home, with a car packed full of  stamping supplies to keep me busy for the time I’m in Austin’s family’s home with two dogs and a computer.  Lots of time to stamp.  After the pedicure.  After a super successful conference at the Apple Store Genius Bar.  After making online reservations for this and that coming event.  After walking two miles this afternoon to REI to redeem my $4.80 annual rebate–but I got my 10,000 steps in for the day!

I have only 2 more days (while dog sitting with ‘nothing else to do’) to stamp and share some of the ideas in my head.  Now you know my reality.   So, the stamps are coming out in ten minutes.

Car load of stamping supplies ready to be used Car load of stamping supplies ready to be used

Just in case I don’t feel like stamping I have my Project Life Alaska album to fine tune.

Wish me luck in getting going.

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