2022 Christmas Card Buffet Time is Almost Here

What is a Christmas (Card) Buffet? No, it’s not a feast! The Christmas Card Buffet is a class I offer in my home starting 4-5 months before Christmas. Participants create 4 hand-stamped cards per session, $20 for four cards. I offer two sessions on the last Monday of the month starting in August this year. Session 1 is from 10-1 and Session 2 is from 2-5. You can attend one session or both depending upon how many cards you choose to create. As of September 20th there are eleven (11) cards to choose from. I just added three new cards to the original eight.

As stated above, participants will make 4 cards at each session. All supplies provided of course. I will need your card choices no later than Friday, September 23rd. Then I’ll prepare your personal packet over the weekend and it will be waiting for you on Monday, September 26th at your time frame.

Christmas Card Buffet Selections for 2022

2022 Christmas Buffet Card 1, Window Wishes
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 1, Window Wishes
Sweet Candy Canes w/Bell
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 2, Sweet Candy Canes w/Bell
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 3, Snowman Magic Dies
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 3, Snowman Magic Dies
Forest Gnome
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 4, Forest Gnome
Trees for Sale, card 5
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 5, Trees for Sale
Merry Christmas Banner w/Bell, card 5
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 6, Merry Christmas Banner w/Bell
Christmas Banner Lattice w/Bell, Card 6
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 7, Merry Christmas Banner w/Bell
Kindest Gnomes Trio, Card 8
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 8, Kindest Gnome Trio

Additional Cards for Your Selection, added September 20th

2022 Christmas Buffet Card 9, Merry Wishes
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 10, Painted Christmas Patterns
2022 Christmas Buffet Card 11, Leaves of Holly

Additional Cards for Your Selection, Added October 20th:

2022 Christmas Card Buffet Card 12, Happy Holidays Snowflakes
2022 Christmas Card Buffet Cards 13, Peace/Merry
2022 Christmas Card Buffet Card 14, Merry Christmas
2022 Christmas Card Buffet Card 15, Slimline Christmas Greetings
2022 Christmas Card Buffet Card 16, Iridescent Magical Time of the Year
2022 Christmas Card Buffet Card 17, Basic White Magical Time of the Year

(FYI, Thursday, October 20, 2022: The cards I’ve just uploaded, numbers 12-17, have not been appropriately processed for the website and may appear strangely larger or smaller than the earlier cards. Actually they have been processed—I just can’t find them! This again is part of the “icky magic” of my new, updated blog. I shall return with the watermarked and appropriately sized cards a.s.a.p. This technology is sometimes just out of my control.)

Now you’ve seen all the cards that are being offered for the October Christmas Buffet. They’ll be available for November as well. I don’t think I’ll be adding any more cards……but then you just never know. If I see a great idea I’ll definitely prep and post it!

Your Next Task

  • Send me an email: Blythe@StampingWithBlythe.com with the following:
  • Your card choices: total of 4 cards/2 minimum of 2 cards – WORDED A BIT BETTERPlease select two cards–you will be creating 2 each of those two cards for a total of four cards. You can also make 3 of one card and 1 of another card. But, bottom line, you’ll be creating only 2 different cards. It’s so much easier for the learning curve and time allotted for our Buffet.
  • Which session: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. or 2 – 5 p.m. (October 31st) For the October Buffet I already know which session you have chosen! 🙂
  • Due date: Monday, October 24th.
  • Class Fee: $20
  • Maximum of 4 per session. 🙂

Future 2022 Christmas Card Buffets

You’re welcome to register for any of the future month’s classes now as well. Last Monday of every month through November. I’ll be sending out reminders.

  • September class is long gone.
  • October 31st (new cards added to original selections)
  • November 21st

I look forward to creating with you in the comfort of my home here in Boise (Avimor) with some light, greaseless treats and maybe some holiday music to put us in the mood.

If you’d like a “packet-to-go” please let me know and I will gladly put one together for you. There will be an added fee for postage. Let me know if this interests you. There are a few restrictions: Primarily, I cannot pre-stamp any images for you. You either provide images from your “stampin” product stash” or I can gladly create a Stampin’ Up! order for you with needed images, dies, etc.

I’m really looking forward to guiding you as you create your own hand-stamped Christmas cards.

2 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Card Buffet Time is Almost Here”

  1. Love this idea. I am so sorry for Wednesday night. I can not believe my Y Fi would shut down 29 minutes before 9 PM


  2. What else is there to say besides TECHNOLOGY. It’s not always what it’s cracked up to be. At least you were finally about to get the ‘tutorial’ and content of our biz chat. 🙂

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