Thanksgiving Rosette Banner Beginnings

My daughter, Andrea, hosted a First Sunday of the Month Afternoon Crafting Event at her home in Dublin, California in 2014 where a group of gals gathered to establish the Thanksgiving Rosette Banner Beginnings and it’s now a regular piece of several Thanksgiving décors in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Because of the configuration of our house it’s hard to find a place to hang mine that shows off just how pretty it is.  I’ve tried several places as you’ll see in one of the links below.  This year’s place of honor is at the entrance to the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Rosette Banner
Banner hanging over the kitchen counter as you come into my kitchen


Thanksgiving Rosette Banner
It’s hard to see the details–the glittery letters really do sparkle.


Check out this ‘work in progress’ post where we first made these banners in 2014.

Click here to see a variety of banners/words made by a few of the 2014 class attendees.  They had great ideas.  (There’s a b-a-d link to a tutorial in this post.  I don’t know where the tutorial went but it’s not there.  Sorry.)

Finally, here are two Thanksgiving favorite recipes ending with another shot of my favorite Thanksgiving Banner.  (I can’t find the original/bad links inside the post so if you’d like the recipe instructions please ask [email] and I’ll get them to you.) I’m sure you’ll enjoy the photos and the little stories included.  Fun tidbit for the first photo:  the little boy in the front row-left grew up to become a General in the Marine Corp.  Can you find me in the photo among the four generations?  Point me out in a comment just for fun!  The Thanksgiving Rosette Banner Beginning has proven to leave a legacy and established a new tradition in some of the families.  I’d love to have some of the creators of these banners elaborate in a comment as well.


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