I started the renovation of My Country Loft Stampin’ Studio ten days before SU!’s annual convention, thinking quite erroneously that I could be done before leaving for Salt Lake City.  Big wrong!

The project I set myself up for was huge.  I give my daughter, Andrea, credit for inspiring me to dig down and just do it.  She and my daughter-in-law, Khris, had spent some conspiring time talking about ‘helping Mom re-organize her stamp room’.  Honestly, thank goodness they didn’t tackle it on their own.  It would have taken longer than they expected.  And a lot of items sacred to me would have been gone forever.

Click here for the announcement of that fateful day!  July 9, 2015.  Now I’m almost (yes, almost) done and it’s 2 days short of a month later.  12-13 hours long days later.  Until the last few days, bit by bit, our deck heading from the house to the garage has been totally trashed with the stuff that was in my room.  Andrea and her kidlets stopped by for 3 days after camping (along with my son and his little guy), and she spent two days cracking the necessary whip to get the room “reloaded”.  It was t-o-u-g-h but it’s going to feel so good to operate in open space filled with purpose.  Unnecessary stuff (yes I do keep using that word) from the past 15 years is gone.  Gone to trash, donations, or sale table.

Rubber stamp storage in My Country Loft stampin studio
Day 1 or 2:  The tarps are to protect the ‘stuff’ from the sun now that the chances of rain are gone.

Last night around 7 p.m.:

Klipple's almost cleared deckDay 29:  We actually got to eat dinner at our little table which had been buried!   The blue tarped area is items that are for sale.

This spread (below) is donations to schools and local thrift stores.  They’ll be loaded up and ‘shipped out’ (my car/hubby’s truck) today!

Donations or -- items that won't be going back into my stampin' studio

There are a few more tasks to be accomplished inside the room and then……..the big reveal.

Of course, his honor, Fred, has already found his new place right next to my computer.

Fred, making himself at home, on my new (to me) desk
Fred, making himself at home, on my new (to me) desk.

 Time now to get back to work.  Today’s task is making labels for my Elfa drawers (now in their 4th incarnation) and clearing off one final table top.  Hubby’s task is to finish a little painting touch up and then hang 3 pieces that will hold ‘creative’ projects.  It is truly getting exciting.  Almost nothing is where it used to be.  And every drawer and cupboard shelf was totally emptied, items reviewed and positioned elsewhere.  All fresh and new.  Woohoo.

Tomorrow:  another of the items I unburied and it’s relevance to a thinlit in the upcoming Holiday Catalog.  Thanks for stopping in today.  Make it a good one!

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