Simply Shammy to the Rescue

Several weeks ago I posted a question in this post:  Can you name this new SU! product?  And that new product was Simply Shammy.  Now that I’ve used this tool a lot, a frequent phrase from my mouth in a class is………Simply Shammy to the rescue!


With a great big smile I can strong tell you just how much I really love this soft squishy piece of foam!

This is what my shammy looks like now:

Simply Shammy to the Rescue
Well used Simply Shammy


Don’t look too bewildered……like WHAT is she thinking!  🙂  Temperatures have been in the high 80s/low 90s where I live (in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California at 4600′) and my shammy was drying out.  I always have a container of water handy so I took my straw and dropped little puddles of water on my shammy.  It doesn’t spread at all as you can see.  It just soaks into a puddle.  You can see in the lower left where I cleaned my stamp after stamping inside yesterday’s Poppy Parade card.

Simply Shammy to the Rescue
This thermos cup goes with me wherever I go. And now I use it for more than just refreshing cold water.


I took my Simply Shammy into the kitchen and gave it a good rinse out under running water.  It doesn’t look a whole lot different but I know it’s clean for now.

Simply Shammy to the rescue
“Clean” shammy. Don’t let the stains bother you. They don’t transfer to your stamps.


This tool is great when you’re stamping with clear blocks and the block gets smeared with ink.  Rather than get some of that ink on your card, just hold Simply Shammy in your hand and wipe around the edge where the excess ink lies.  Almost like magic, without a mess, it’s gone.

Trust me when I suggest that Simply Shammy to the rescue is a possibility, believe me; it’s for real.  I always have to try a new product so I can tell you about it.  This one I really enjoy and find oh-so-efficient.  And it’s fun to squeeze in your hand due to it’s very softness.  I want to use one of my favorite phrases once again:  Try it.  You’ll like it.




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