Name this New Stampin’ Up! Product

Can you name this new Stampin’ Up! product ?  It’s about 5″ x 7″, Highland Heather in color and about 1/4″ thick.

Name This New Stampin' Up! Product!
Simply Shammy!


I’ll admit that it does look pretty strange in this photo.  That’s why I took it!  It’s the new Simply Shammy stamp cleaning mat.  It arrives in a sealed pouch, nice and pliable.  But after opening the pouch plus a few days the moisture evaporates and it becomes totally dry, kind of like a piece of dry toast.   And it has almost zero weight.   I was really surprised when I first came upon my very dry and very light Simply Shammy.

The remedy?  Just add water.  Actually quite a bit of water.  It drinks up a lot.  It looks really weird as the water spreads throughout the very dry pad.  Once Simply Shammy is totally saturated, wring out the excess water and use it as normal.

Here’s my Simply Shammy after a bit of use.  Remember, the ink will stain your shammy but it won’t transfer to your fingers or other stamps.

Name This New Stampin' Up! Product

You can find Simply Shammy on page 206 of the 2018-2019 Annual Catalog.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  It’s very portable.  I store mine in a Full Wide stamp case…..the size that Photopolymer and Clear Mount stamps come in.   I’ll bet you can name this new Stampin’ Up! product now. 😉

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