May’s Card Buffet Cards are Ready to View

Finally, yesterday, I was able to make, photograph and upload all eight of the cards we’ll be making at May 30th’s Card Buffet.  I lay out my ideas throughout each month preceding a Card Buffet but then I need to actually make what I have been visualizing.  Then photograph and then upload.  And while I’m making each card I work on the tutorial.  Put community and family obligations into the mix and sometimes I find myself way off schedule.

I think you’ll enjoy what you see though for May.  Most cards are light and breezy.  My creative goal is to make the cards simple enough to get all eight made in 2.5 hours but yet keep them interesting enough to make you smile.

Overview of May's Buffet cards
Overview of May’s Buffet cards


Buffet participants choose any combination of cards for a total of eight cards that they’ll make at either the morning or afternoon session of the Buffet.  On May 30th.  Or, if you can’t make the class in person, I offer a basic tutorial ($4) or tutorial with the addition of all supplies pre-cut and packaged for each card selected ($14, includes postage).

Be sure to check out the complete May Card Buffet here.  It’s my hope that you can attend either in person or via the efficient long-distance connection.   Try it.  You’ll like it.



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