Color Caddy – Tuesday’s Tidy Tool

If you have more than one Color Family of Classic Stampin’ Pads and a bunch of Ink Refills than you should really consider making the handy and space-saving Color Caddy a part of your regime.

SU! Color Caddy

My Color Caddy, above, is an older model to which I’ve added an optional (then) addition of 5 more rows of pockets for stamp pads.  Those rows make this older version wobble a bit (not a deal breaker) but I can also store my InColors and various ‘odd’ stamp pads (VersaMark, StazOn and Memento) in it.

Stampin' Up! Color Caddy, 104335
Stampin’ Up! Color Caddy, 104335


Above is the current Color Caddy whose footprint is only about 10″ square.  I keep mine on top of a small bookcase rather than on my work table.  And I also have an old Rubbermade turntable beneath the tower for easier turning.   The reason for placing my caddy away from my workspace:  I need to remove my tail end from my chair now and then to stretch and walking about 6 feet away is a good thing.  There are times, however, that I do bring the Color Caddy to my work table but it’s not allowed to remain there.

The convenience of storing your Ink Refills on the top of the Color Caddy is another perk.  You don’t have to look for where you might have stashed them and they’re right at your fingertips.

Place your Ink Refills above the column where the same family of colors is stored.  I also put labels on my caddy indicating which color family is to the left and which is to the right.  And truthfully, I still spend extra time spinning it around searching for the right family!

Color caddy and ink refills

Two more tips related to stamp pads and ink refills:

Ink refills:  this is tedious but I like to make little labels which include the color and then the ordering numbers for each refill which I wrap around the top of the bottle for quicker identity of the colors.  The order number is also right there when needing to order another one.

Classic stamp pads:  I like to take a 1/2″ piece of  the colorful “other language” pad information from the bottom of the pad case and attach it to the side of the case for quick identification of the color I’m looking for.  I also (yes, I’m quite over-organized at times) like to store my pads alphabetically as well as place color family and their position alphabetically on the end of each pad.  This also makes it easier for class participants to put the pads back in their proper place.

Snippets of labeling material are taken from the bottom of the pad and placed on the side.


Brights Family number coding
Brights Family number coding.  You’ll notice the strange ’01’ number of Bermuda Bay—it was added to the group after I’d already done the 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.  Hence, alphabetically it’s number ’01’.


I seriously recommend a Color Caddy for any serious stamper who has more than one color family of Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink Pads.  Just click here to go to my Stampin’ Up! online store to get yours.  It’s handy and dandy!






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