Greetings from Salt Lake City

I woke up in chilly town this morning and that means greetings from Salt Lake City!  It’s time for another Stampin’ Up! convention and I haven’t missed one since becoming a demonstrator in 1996.

I attend conventions – now called On Stage – for many reasons:

  • to see new products
  • to get new ideas
  • to see what ‘free’ goodies we’ll be getting
  • to see friends whom I’ve met over the years
  • to see my upline, sideline and downline members – more special friends
  • to hang out with lots of other crazy crazed demos
Greetings from Salt Lake City
West Coast hangs out with East Coast. My friends Liz, Martha, Tammy and Susan Elise are from North Carolina


We ran into each other in the Bar/Dining area of our Little America Hotel and shared some ideas and thoughts and had lots of giggles!  I think other diners knew we were there.  🙂

When my sister Janet, one of my downline team, and I arrived at Oakland airport on Wednesday we started seeing other demos sauntering in to the same SouthWest Airline gate:  Olive….Patty….Cindy….Gina….Gina’s daughter whose name I just can’t remember….Rosemarrie….Lorena…..   There were a bunch of us on the plane.  More oooh, ahhh, and laughter time.

Janet and I took Trax, the local rapid transit system, from the airport to our Little America Hotel.  It cost us ‘seniors’ (really?????) $2.50, round trip for this door to door service.  It really beats a taxi.

Today, Thursday is day one, starting at 1 p.m.  I’ll be doing my first FB Live later today so be watching.  I have a plan and it should be fun.  LIKE my FB Biz page so you’ll be able to see it first.

Greetings from Salt Lake City.  Stayed tuned.






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