Good News from Stampin’ Up!

I was thrilled to see, in this morning’s updates from Stampin’ Up! to it’s demonstrators, that the Stampin’ Trimmer Replacement Cutting Mat (131375); $4.00 US/$5.00 CAN is once again available!

Paper Trimmer Cutting Mat 131375


It doesn’t look like much but it’s really truly important.  Two (opposite sides) are grooved and the other sides are flat.  I’m so glad SU! brought it back because if you, for some reason, lost yours your paper trimmer would become quickly useless.

The Stampin’ Trimmer Scoring Blades (126996); $5.00 US/$6.50 CAN have also been returned to availability.

SU! Paper Trimmer Scoring Blades 126996
The scoring blade is light gray.


The Stamping Trimming Cutting Blades were returned to ‘availability’ a few months ago so now we crafters can once again be totally at ease with Stampin’ Up!‘s more-than-awesome Paper Trimmer.

SU! Paper Trimmer Cutting Blades 126995
The cutting blade is dark gray.


SU! Paper Trimmer 126889
SU! Paper Trimmer 126889


What makes the Paper Trimmer so darned awesome???  It cuts or scores a full 12″ length.  Plus…..
* 1 cutting and 1 scoring blade included
* Extra-wide, 6-1/4″ cutting base for most projects; 14-1/2″ extendable ruler for large projects
* Ruler and grid protected by durable plastic cover
* Point on cutting handle for precise measuring
* Right-side grid for cutting thin strips
* Includes storage compartments for Bone Folders and more

I frequently take advantage of the ability to cut a square or rectangle out of the middle of a piece of card stock.  That’s awesome — and very convenient — for me!

Click on any of the items (shown in red) to be taken to my Stampin’ Up! online store to get yours.  I recommend having spare cutting blades on hand all the time.  You’ll know when they’re dull because you just cannot get a nice smooth cut!






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