I have a confession to make:  I’ve been working on my high school reunion memory book for just over a year, using My Digital Studio.  While it’s been a fun task, it has also been tedious, making sure I had classmates’ names–and their spouses–correct, that I identified them correctly, that I had a photo for everyone who attended our reunion, that my pages were coordinated.  Blah blah blah. 

Well, this morning I was able to upload it to the publisher and it is now out of my hands and off of my to-do list.  Per recommendation from an artist/photographer classmate, I used MagCloud to publish our book.

Are you asking why I didn’t have it published through the Stampin’ Up! printing service?  This way, we (the reunion committee) can just send out an announcement to each classmate, whether they attended the reunion or not, and they can then order 1 or 200 copies (ha ha) for their personal use and enjoyment at will.  We don’t have to gather up how many and where to mail them.

Anyway, I now have a huge load lifted from my shoulders.  Caring for my stepson (who passed away from ALS in March 2013) during this project and now having a grand-niece in a coma in the hospital since early October, have “interferred” with my progress on the reunion book as well as my stamping time and freedom.  I hope now that I can return to my (almost) normal lifestyle and my (almost) normal stamping routine.  Thanks for hanging in there with me during this crazy time!

Here are a few random pages from my My Digital Studio 79 page project:

 *2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-004
Above: cover.  Our school was beautiful, nationally award winning brick and ivy when we arrived in the 10th grade.  It supposedly wasn’t ‘earthquake proof’ so it was torn down.  Well, they had one heck of a time taking it down because it was so well built.  Go figure.  Our school was Castlemont (Oakland CA) and we were the Knights.  Our colors were purcle and white.  Watch for the knight logo on each and every page.

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-005

Above: Committee meeting along the way before the reunion.  See the Washi Tape!?  🙂

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-006

Above: putting the photos inside a punched shape

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-008

Above:  As the doors were opening and classmates were gathering and trying to recognize each other!  🙂  Do you see the Stampin’ Up! shopping bag in my hand?  Do you even recognize me!?

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-009

Above:  As we were in our 1962 yearbook and as we are TODAY!

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-042

Above:  Unfortunately, we have lost a lot of classmates over the years.  Insider secret: upper left corner was the boy (Jimmy) down the street who I always imagined was my first boyfriend at school.  He was so terribly shy that we never really talked until our 40th reunion!

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-060

Above: using one of the photo templates provided in the Resource Panel of MDS.

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-063

Above: This was one of 3 opportunities to use an image as a background.  I wonder what classmates will think?  Or if they’ll even ‘see’ him?  I left names off of the photos intentionally as a challenge to classmates.  Mean aren’t I?

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-067

Above: the flag, sky banner is from one of the My Digital Studio downloads.  I don’t remember which one right now!

*2012 50th Reunion Mem Bk_9-15-16-079

Above:  back cover.  This is what they replaced the brick and ivy with.  Modern Ugly.

As you might be able to tell, I had fun using as much of what My Digital Studio could offer without going overboard.  I made the basics for every page the same and then filled in whatever was required in the sequence of events.  I enjoyed doing the book and I’m oh-so-glad it is now done.  Whew!


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