After SU!’s convention, returning home for a few days to pick up rebuilding my stampin’ studio, taking off for family camping for a few days, and then having my kids and their kids coming to our house for a few fun days and working on the stampin’ studio under daughter’s iron first I just haven’t had time to gather my thoughts for an intelligent (?) post.

Seriously, I am really intent on getting my studio back in business.  It’s going to be so awesome and so incredibly more functional.  And, best yet, uncluttered with that stuff I really don’t need.  I have Andrea (iron-fisted, great skills daughter) with me for one more “kick Mom’s butt” day and I’m taking advantage of it.  Yes, it does hurt at times but, she’s right.

This month’s Talk & Tips Newsletter will be a few days late.  There’s so much to share!!!  Great new items are coming our way in the upcoming HANDMADE for the HOLIDAYS 2015 Holiday catalog.  If you haven’t yet signed up for my newsletter/mailing list, you have a few more days before the August issue goes out.

OK, back to work for me now.  My list of marching orders is huge.  Just take a look at my deck!!!  I have to go through everything and dump, donate, or place the stuff in my room.  I’m getting there.  I’m just not t.h.e.r.e. yet.  🙂  Wish me luck today.


Stampin' Up!'s Weekly Deals, August 4-10, 2015, www.StampingWithBlythe.com
The ‘girls’, enjoying a little time by the river.
hot rock massages by Gen III girls
Hot rock massages by Gen III girls
A change in sky!
A change in sky!
Rain and hail!
Rain and hail! We hightailed it back to the campground centipede style, with as many as possible under an ‘easy up canope, giggling all the way. Must have been 20 of us!


This stuff will be g-o-n-e from the deck by day's end.  I hope!
This stuff will be g-o-n-e from the deck by day’s end. I hope!

Thanks for stopping in and I’ll be back tomorrow with something!  Have a great day.

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