TIP When Using Your Fine Tip Glue Pen

You’re going to love this TIP if you have trouble either closing your Fine Tip Glue Pen or getting the glue to flow right away when you’re ready to use it.

Fine Tip Glue Pen (138309)


Why use the Fine Tip Glue Pen???  How about no more sticky messes! Reach for this glue when you need whisper-thin strands of “sticky”.  The slender precision tip lays down a fine line of glue—great for adhering delicately detailed paper die cuts, teensy embellishments, and bits of glitter.  Be sure to place that metal “pokey-out-y” thing in the cap into the slender glue dispensing tube.

Here’s the TIP:  Tap the bottom of the bottle on the table when done using it to clear the medium (glue) from the teeny tiny tube at the top of the bottle.  Then carefully place the poker into the tube and it will be ready to use the next time.  One of my customers shared this with me last week and I’m so grateful.

By the way, since Crystal Effects has been discontinued, this glue is is a great substitute.


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