What did I learn yesterday?  I learned not to have dinner at Bucca di Beppo and expect to order dinner as if I'm at a 'normal' restaurant.  Each entre, even though the chirpy little waitress told us so, serves 2-3 people.  We didn't "get it" and each of us ordered a dish.  We truly looked for homeless individuals on the way back to the hotel to give our food to.  It was delicious–just way way way too much.  Miss Chirpy knew we were from out of town, had never been to Bucca's before and that we were ordering way way way too much.  I even ordered a "personal side green salad" — enough for 5 people is what came!!!!!!!!!  Take heed folks!  🙂

Yesterday morning in the Main Stage Area was a typical loud, wild, music filled, energetic mob of stampers:


I took a video as well but have to figure out how to upload it to my blog. 

This morning (Friday) begins with classes.  Mine:  Garden Showcase, beginning at 8 a.m.  At lunch it's finally time for the SUDSOL SWAP.  We get to have lunch together and then meet so many of the "names" we email with all year long.  I've shown you my swap card and 3-D project.  But here is the GIFT I'm taking for the gift exchange.

Roomie gifts

Three of the four 'scrapbooks' above were for our room—the roomies.  The single one is my Sudsol Gift.


It's my favorite little T.P. Roll (empty of course!) Mini Scrapbook intended for insterting favorite photos.  I hope the recipient is pleased.

We have classes and a Group Session (sounds like therapy) this afternoon, done at 4.30.  Then is a 5 block trot to the Joseph E. Smith building to join Linda Hansen's "An Evening to Remember":  friendship, buffet dinner, swaps and Make & Takes.  Then is a return trot to the Salt Palace for a "Plus Fun" class, 7-9 p.m., which for me is an advanced My Digital Studio class.  Never a dull moment at a Stampin' Up! Convention for sure.  Think about joining me next year as a member of my fun Stampin' Up! team.  There is that awesome $99 starter kit special going on right now!!!!!  Click here for more information.

This is short.  But I have to finish putting myself together.  Don't do ahead of time what you can do at the last minute seems to be my motto!

See you either way later tonight or, for sure, tomorrow!

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