There is nothing as exhilirating as being met at the big door entrance to the main stage area at Convention by the entire (almost) Stampin' Up! Family of Employees:

2-SU employees greet us!

3-SU employees greet us

They're yelling, waving, high five-ing.  We're yelling, waving, high-five-ing.  And the smiles are bigger than big!  We love you!!!!  We love you too!!! 

And how many ways can you GROW?  It's so much fun to see how they change the lighting of the GROW theme of the set on the main stage.


1b-GROW- green

1c-Grow blue:red

1d-Grow, pinks
They almost change right before your eyes without seeing it happen till it's done.  We need more sleep!

Let me share a few cards and then it's off for the day.  It's hard to believe that today is Day 3 of the formal part of convention and that tonight we leave our hotel and head back to Wendover UT and then back home on Sunday.  Yesterday, Friday, our convention day started at 8 a.m. and finished at 9 p.m.  It was a long, heavy-bag-toting day.  I took a Tylenol before hopping (dragging?) into bed last night.

9-Fabulous Florets



12-Turquoise Fish

8-My First Convention

This is NOT my First Convention.  It's my 16th! And every one has been just as good–and even better–than the previous.  And it's alway fun to notice the first timers and acknowledge them.  They even got to march across the stage and wave to us all.

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