Reality. Or Why I Can’t Find a Place to Stamp!

Reality is that I am re-evalutating where stamping items are stored in my stamping studio.  Reality also says I need to get some retired products out-of-my-studio-and-into-the-hands-of-someone-else.  If you are a teacher or social worker or another avid stamper who could use some very reasonably priced supplies, please check my Cyber Sale goodies and contact me with questions or needs.  I will make some special deals for you.

As part of my reality check rearranging, I’ve just added a bunch of embellishments to said Cyber Sale: buttons and brads so far, with eyelets coming a.s.a.p.  Click here to check them out.

And, as I am my own “personal assistant”, below is why I haven’t posted anything new in the last few days:

As you walk into my stamping studio which is over the garage……and look right……..WHAM……proceed at your own risk!


Rearranging ELFA storage drawers
Rearranging ELFA storage drawers – I want to put my 12″ x 12″ card stock, glimmer and Designer Series Papers vertically in a drawer that’s a bit more convenient to my work table.  To do one thing I have to do another first–and then move something else, and then…..  A mess has emerged!


Designer Series Paper drawer
Far end of studio from doorway:  Staging station for the 12″ x 12″ paper drawer plus retired buttons and brads stash ready for being photographed for Cyber Sale.


Pulling retired sets and adding new sets to cupboards
Backyard side of studio, to left of entry door:  Removing retired stamp sets and replacing them with now current sets that were patiently awaiting the catalog changeover in a drawer.  (Hubby and I built those wall cabinets in ‘dead space’ under the roof line before we permanently moved to our ‘cabin’ in the mountains from San Jose CA in 2003.)


a bit of everything on the 'front/driveway' side of the room
A bit of everything on the ‘front/driveway’ side of the room.  Another WHAM!  Yikes!  Only the brave dare enter right this mess.


And now you understand, I hope, why I can’t even find a place to stamp!  Back with another status update tomorrow.  I really can’t take living in this reality much longer and no stamping is just not right!




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