Prepare for the New Year: How are Your Ink Pads?

Do you have to tap tap tap tap tap tap tap to get your stamp inked up to your satisfaction?  Or do you just tap tap and you’re ready to go?

That’s the difference between an ink pad that needs reinking and one that’s nice and juicy.  I would highly suggest that when you purchase an ink pad you purchase a matching ink refill at the same time.  That way you’ll be able to keep your pad ready-to-go.

Check out this page for all the colors and color groups.  As I said above, you can purchase your reinker (aka ink refill) when you purchase a new ink pad or you can purchase them in color groups:

Brights ink refills, $27.50

Regals Ink Refills, $27.50

Subtles Ink Refills, $27.50, 131170

Neutrals Ink Refills, 140934, $16.50

What’s the best way to get the refill ink into your pad?  Have a scraper of some type handy–like an old credit or gift card or one of those Tupperware pot scrapers.  Plastic.  Now put three or four rows of drops of ink, about 1/2 inch apart, on the pad.  Then take that scraper and pull the ink from one side of the pad to the other, turn the pad one-quarter turn and repeat the gentle pull of the scraper.  Turn the pad and repeat on more time.  Test it out by stamping a fairly solid image.

One more tip:  How to ink up your stamp.  Tap your stamp gently on the ink pad.  You don’t need to kill it by tapping hard and deep into the pad.  The design of Stampin’ Up!’s Classic Ink Pads keeps the ink near the surface.  If you notice that your wood or photopolymer/clear image has ink all around the edges of the wood or the clear block, that’s a definite indication that you’re pressing (aka tapping) too hard.  I’m sure that if you try tapping with a gentler hand you’ll be much happier.  And you won’t be getting those phantom out-of-place lines around your image.

Let me know how you like this re-inking tip or the tap tap gently to ink up your stamp tip.  I am always reminding my customers and students to lighten up on the tapping and they often give me that “aha!” look when they see how it works.

Check out those reinkers in my Stampin’ Up! store here.   Is there a tool tip you’d like me to talk about?  Send me an email,, or make a comment and I answer it as soon as I can.





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