I’m Home! Don’t Forget to Check Out the Retiring Stamp & Accessory List!

I hope you realized I was a.w.o.l. for the past 4 days.  My daughter and I celebrated my January birthday by taking an amazing 4-day get away to Sedona, Arizona.  Finding an available date in both of our schedules ended up with the perfect Mother’s Day Weekend adventure.

Blythe and Andrea showing off our #55 Pink Jeep. Our guide: David. If you wear a Fitbit or other step-tracking-device, we got about 7,000 steps while bouncing around in the Jeep! Loved every minute of our extended tour!


One of many breathtaking views in the Sedone Area
One of many breathtaking views in the Sedona Area


Medicine Wheel located on the 'far side' of the Amitabha Stupa Peace Park
Surprise excursion on Sunday morning to one of the famous Sedona vortex (powerful erergies) areas. Medicine Wheel located on the ‘far side’ of the Amitabha Stupa Peace Park.


My best intentions, of creating 3 posts during some Friday morning ‘me’ time was totally blown away when I had two hustle two of my grandchildren to Love Bugs, about half an hour from their home.  Without an appointment.  Lice.  Oh my gosh!  Their mom, my daughter, was busy with child number three, a first grader, enjoying a Mother’s Day Lunch.

By the way, the kids and the rest of us are ‘clean’.  I’ve enjoyed an awesome first time get away to Sedona (on my!) and am back ready to stamp and share.

Have you check the retired list recently?  Check out this pdf here. You’ll also be able to see what items are no longer available or what items are available at up to a 50% discount.  Those are usually items for which Stampin’ Up! still has a larger on-hand supply.

It’s good to be home.

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