Today is World Password Day!

You know how we all get tons — well, lots — of email everyday?  I use Go Daddy as the host for my blog and email addresses and this morning I received this World Password Day email.  I think the timing is perfect so want to share the ‘heads up’ with my readers.

Weak passwords get stolen and lead to hacked accounts so Go Daddy recommends celebrating World Password Day with a new, strong password.

Use these tips and create a strong password:

•    Make sure your password has 12 characters minimum.
•    Include numbers, symbols, capital letters and lowercase letters.
•    Don’t use dictionary words.

That seems pretty simple.  Next task:  how to remember them!  Do you have a special way that you keep track of the many passwords required to get through your ‘cyber’ day?  Please share if you do.  I use a spreadsheet with a really weird, unrelated title.  My challenge is to remember that title!

PS I just heard on Good Morning America that 97 MILLION email services including gmail, yahoo and hotmail accounts have been hacked/compromised.  User name and  password combinations have been put at risk.  There’s no way to find out if your account has been hacked or to protect yourself except by changing your password.  I think some people need a life!  I’d love to teach them how to stamp and decompress!!

Gee, happy Thursday.

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