Housekeeping on my Blog

It seems a stamper can’t ever get away from housekeeping, even housekeeping on my blog.

Number 1:  I’ve been only too aware that the retired catalog was sitting on my sidebar rather than the awesome 30 Years Celebration 2018-2019 Annual Catalog.  Now you, the reader, can click on the catalog image on the sidebar and be able to download the catalog PDF.  Just click under the catalog image on the download PDF link.

housekeeping on my blog


Number 2:  I’ve finally uploaded phase one of my annual Stamp Sets for Sale.  There are also a few coordinating Framelits, Thinlits and a punch in the mix.  You can check them out here.  I’ll be adding more stamp sets in the next few weeks but first I have to deal with housekeeping in my neighborhood.

  • Our part of the community is getting a new watertank delivered, in pieces, today.  Photo time*.  (The tank will be installed right behind and above our home.)
  • Bears are feasting in community garbage cans of late and today is pickup day.  Across the road and down a little ravine to the next street, apparently two cans full of ‘stuff’ are all over the road.  Photo time*.  And possibly clean up time.
  • I have two stamping classes today, one ‘down the hill in Sonora’ and the other at my home studio later this afternoon.
  • Tomorrow I do Defensible Space Inspections (volunteer) along with a team of several local guys and three CalFire employees (paid).  Our goal is for properties to be as clear as possible of flammable ground and roof debris that could easily catch fire and spread.  We know we live in a national forest but clearing property can be a huge deterrent to a large fire*.

* I run a blog for our mountain community so that mostly the part-time/second home owners, know what’s happening in the area.  It’s great for the full time residents to know as well.  I now have a little group of faithful reporters who keep me aware of what’s happening out of the ordinary.  It keeps me busy too.  Check it out if you’re interested:   You’ll find out more about our mountain area than you probably ever wanted to know!  But it’s interesting and unique.

So when I’m absent for a few days now and then, please understand that I’m a busy community volunteer.

And most importantly, enjoy the annual catalog that’s finally in the sidebar.  Let me know if you’d like a hard copy which I’ll gladly send you in exchange for your name and contact information since I’m sure you’ll find something/s inside that you need to have for your stamping pleasure.  I never thought that housekeeping on my blog would be yet another way to fill my day.  And I love it!

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