Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours

The Tin Man
He has many outfits from a reindeer at Christmas to an Easter Bunny, to a school bus and more. He’s definitely ‘eye candy’ for the motorist.


This cute guy above lives along Hwy 108, driving northeast “up the hill” from the big city of Sonora on the way to Mi Wuk Village, where I live, and beyond.

I’d like to take a few minutes this morning to offer thanks and gratitude to you, my readers and customers and stamping pals.  You make my days complete and fulfilling.  I’ve made so many wonderful friends through Stampin’ Up! whether at stamping events or a my local library classes.  Stamping is a great therapeutic endeavor and I’m so glad I’m stumbled upon it over 20 years ago.

I know not everyone will be with family today.  And many will be raw with a recent loss to their family.  But please, take a moment to find a bit of something to be grateful for.  If no one’s around to hear it, speak to the wall.  Or a photo.  Just let the words come out of your body.

My mantra for this Thanksgiving:  I am grateful.










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