DAY 8 – AFTERNOON DAYDREAM KIT for My Digital Studio: 50% off TODAY

  • 11/1 Amped Up Ampersands Kit 
  • 11/2 Hello There Kit + FREE Moments Ago Stamp Brush Set
  • 11/3 All Time Fave Photobook Template
  • 11/4 Modern Medley Overlays Kit
  • 11/5 Be Brave Pocket Cards
  • 11/6 Nobody’s Business Photobook Template
  • 11/7 Autumn Traditions Kit
  • 11/8 Afternoon Daydream Kit — 130861 50% off TODAY:  $4.98

AFTERNOON DAYDREAM KIT Digital Download, 130861, ($9.85):$4.98

Today is the last day of Stampin’ Up!’s Digital Scrapbooking Days.  I hope you were able to fill in the blanks I left (not on purpose) and fill in the days I didn’t post about.  And if you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll consider some digital scrapbooking.  It’s great fun.  And think about it—you really can shrink that “digital scrapbook” down to a card or even a tag.  I’m going to be working on calendars soon.  They make a great annual ‘scrapbook’. 

Check out this video: 



I’ll be back on track this weekend all things being equal.  After a whirlwind trip to Washington DC and a few overnights at my daughter’s home, yummy dinner with my son and his family after a much needed haircut, I’m actually heading home this afternoon—with 3 grandkidlets (5, 6-3/4, and 9) and two little kitties, Fred and Ginger.  Yes, I really will be getting some stamping and sharing time in.  🙂


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