My Digital Studio (retired) Child’s Birthday Party Invitation

I need to come to terms with the fact that Labor Day Weekend, the week before and the week after are just nuts in my life.  This year’s end-of-summer/Labor Day Weekend was compounded by a commission to make forty two-year-old birthday party invitations.

This is the prototype of what the mom wanted:

Prototype of birthday party invite

The only way I could imagine making something like this was with either the retired Top Note Die or the retired My Digital Studio application.  After lots of head scratching I decided to go with the remains of my My Digital Studio.  The challenge was that she wanted the invitation to be like a postcard!  No problem if we still had My Digital Studio’s printing option!  But on my home printer it was a real challenge!

Here is the front of the final card I came up with:


And here’s the back:


After printing both sides of the card I had to trim the card parts and then glue them together so they looked ‘like a postcard’.  I’m delivering the finished cards tomorrow.

Harper's finished birthday invitation


I’ll be happy to be moving back to a project tomorrow that involves stamping with ink and paper!  (Day late preps for the September Card Buffet.)



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