Struggling Painfully with my Blog Posting

For my blog readers, old (been around for quite some time) or new (welcome) I just have to let you know that I am struggling painfully with my new blog platform. Many features that this ‘old dog’/’new tricks’ blogger is dealing with are tough. I can’t find some of my features. I try to add words that might give you a clue what’s contained in the post but I can’t find that particular field. Bottom line, please don’t give up on me. I’ll find these features. Today’s frustration was adding images and links (just a quick url etc code) for products used in today’s (Sept 20) post and I just could not make it work. Ugh. Hopefully soon! As much as I want to get going per my own previous standards, I’m working on ’em slowly and painfully and will shout a loud HOORAY when I find them and can pop over to them in a heartbeat. Back to school for Blythe-y in the meantime. (PS…..Seems as if right now I can’t even come up with my ‘automatic signature’. ARGH. But I am going to tackle another creative post and stop whining. Just had to share the reasons for my seeming lack of posting as frequently as normal.

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