Love Today Planner Kit — On My First Order

When I first had a sneak peek at the Love Today Planner Kit (144257) I knew it would be on my first order come June 1st.  Or 2nd.  And yes, it is definitely on my first order.  I personally have a tough time finding a planner that will work for ME and I’m always willing to try another when I come upon it.  I have tried many thinking that each one would be THE ONE.

About a month ago I dug out a box of ‘stuff’ from our shed.  I had no clue that I’d been storing a box of my daughter’s goodies for years.  Inside I found her weekly planner from 1995 and took it to her on my next visit.  Low and behold, today, 2017, she is using the exact same style of planner.  She has found one that obviously works for her.

Here’s an introductory Love Today Planner Kit Stampin’ Up! video so you can check it out for yourself.  Maybe it will be THE planner for you.  And for me!

I did manage to get mine ordered today…… exciting!

If you don’t have a hard copy of the new catalog yet, you can check out a PDF version here.

Today my task will be those property inspections (defensible space around a home to make it as fire safe as possible while living in a forest) until 1 p.m.-ish and then reconfiguring my stampin’ space, removing the retired and organizing the new.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been know to purchase the same product more than once because I either can’t locate whatever it is or I don’t remember purchasing it.  Crazy.  I’m looking forward to getting a chance to create something new as well.  I’m definitely not accustomed to not being able to call the entire day ‘my own’.

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