There’s a Change on My Blog. Finally.

It’s a change I’ve been wanting to make since day 1 of my new look which was about a year and a half ago.  Small but big in my mind.  I had no clue how to implement it but finally I reached out to Solo Pine, the creators of my Oleander Themed blog design.  They responded quickly and sent ME instructions on how to do it.  These instructions contained html and css inserts.  They were also good enough that I was able to follow them and complete the change in less than five minutes.

Do you see it?  Yes, it’s visible.

I want to offer the first person who notices it an award but am not yet sure what it will look like.  The change is important enough to me that it’s worth an award!  (to me for doing it!)   I’ve got it:  A roll of ribbon from the new catalog.

Leave your answer in the comment section below.  I will be out of the house for about 5 hours so will respond when I return.

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