Join my Team!

Join My Team!

How would you like to purchase ANYTHING in the catalog and receive 20% – 25% off each time you order?  How can you do that you ask?  Keep reading…

What I love most about being a Stampin’ Up! demo is that there is NO OBLIGATION as a demonstrator, no set pattern you must follow.

  • No selling
  • No parties
  • No requirements

By joining my team you order what you want, when you want, however many times you want and receive your discount every time.  You don’t have to hold classes, you don’t have to hold workshops and you can be your very own best customer!  To be honest, you are required (the only requirement) to achieve a $300 minimum in sales [to yourself or anyone else] each quarter.  And those ‘quarters’ don’t start until after your first full quarter.  For example, say you sign up on April 3rd.  Your first full quarter doesn’t end until September 30th!  If you sign up on March 23rd, your first full quarter will end on June 30th.  Quarters are Jan/Feb/Mar — Apr/May/June — July/Aug/Sept — Oct/Nov/Dec.

  • Starter kit has free shipping for another 10% savings!
  • 20% off all day, any day!
  • Customize your kit to your liking!
  • Pre-order from all new catalogs thirty (30) days in advance of catalog releases!
  • You can join just for fun and benefit from the discounts while filling up your wish list!  You don’t have to sell or hold workshops and there are no penalties if you decide to drop.  You keep all your goodies.  (The benefit is yours if you stick around though!)
  • Become part of My Country Loft Team and be a part our team fun, such as a private team-members-only Facebook page.
  • Stampin’ Up! demonstrator only events.  World wide if you’re interested.  Oh my!

It is just really a GREAT deal!  I’ll be honest…..I think everyone should buy a starter kit.  $99  Get your wishlist going and click here to join now:

FYI…I’ve been a demonstrator since April 1996 and have never regretted a day!  I’ve seen lots of changes over the years and met tons of new friends.  World wide!

By the way….  If you join Stampin’ Up! between 3 January and 28 February 2021, you will receive the an assortment of six 6″ x 6″ stacks of the newest Designer Series Paper.  Business supplies and shipping are included.




To quickly and easily sign up online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to my website at
  2. Build your kit by entering the item numbers for $125 of product of your choice.  Anything goes!
  3. Kit is $99 + tax and ships for FREE
  4. That’s it!

You will be most warmly welcomed!


Once a month, I’ll send you a project sheet for one of my favorite projects of the month.  The project will feature steps for the Beginner, Casual and Avid stamper.  That way you can have a tip sheet for any one of your customers—or for just yourself!  Each project sheet will have a photo and directions, including necessary measurements.  As inspiration hits me, I’ll share creative ideas and tips on our exclusive team-member-only FaceBook page.


What type of demonstrator might YOU be?

Stampin’ Up! invites all kinds of demonstrators. Which demonstrator best describes you?

  • Discount Demonstrator:  Likes the idea of buying stamps for personal use at a 20% discount and may occasionally sell to neighbors, relatives, friends.
  • Short-Term Demonstrator:  Sells for a short period of time to earn a specified amount of money and stops when the goal is reached.
  • Seasonal Demonstrator:  Works hard at the business during September, October, and November for seasonal money and maintains minimum orders and sales during the balance of the year.
  • Hobby Demonstrator:  Loves doing workshops and earning extra money when it’s convenient; works a lot some months and very little other months; likes to do workshops that are easy to book; doesn’t like to work too hard to book workshops
  • Career Demonstrator: Views a Stampin’ Up! demonstratorship as a viable business with long-term career potential; pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder; loves attending Stampin’ Up! events and has developed close social relationships with other demonstrators; works at her business in a consistent and outgoing manner.

Contact me at: with any questions you may have.  I am always at your service!  (PS.  No, I’m not British but yes, I have a definite ‘thing’ for British phone boxes.)


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