Yes, I’m a Sap

So many thoughts are running through my mind this 4th of July…..this celebration of the independence of our country. And I’m admit that yes, I’m a sap.  I love my country.  I just hope we can redeem ourselves in the eyes of the world with the return of civility towards each other and humanity in general.  Please be kind to each other.

I look forward each year to fireworks and patriotic songs and sing-alongs.  I look forward to bar-b-qued food like ribs or hot dogs or hamburgers.  And corn-on-the-cob and apple or cherry pie.  Yes, I’m a patriotic sap.  (and that’s a good thing)

Since I was a little girl I’ve always enjoyed listening to Kate Smith singing the song that Irving Berlin wrote for her in 1938.  “God Bless America”.  For me, it just says it all.  Enjoy.  Enjoy the film snippets and real life snippets in the video.



Happy Birthday America

yes, i'm a sap
Our home is called Sanctuary. This is the deck at Sanctuary. Happy Fourth of July everyone.



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